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We provide our customers with transparent information and a complete quote that entails the entire production process.
Our relationship with our customers includes answering any technical questions about our products.
When you purchase from us, you are buying more than just raw material products. You are buying quality service & technical support from us


We work with you to ensure efficient stock planning, which ensures that a wide range of stock is available. You will be surprised to know how many popular items are available from our warehouse with send available within 24 hours.


We have titanium and titanium alloys products over 300T in stock with complete specifications, including titanium rod, titanium wire, titanium plate, titanium tube, titanium fasteners etc. 


1.Titanium Gr1 and Gr2 bar ASTM B348             Dia5.0-180mm    ( x 3010mm L)                 

2.Titanium Gr5 bar ASTM B348                                    Dia5.0-120mm    ( x 3010mm L) 

3.Titanium Gr1 and Gr2 plate   ASTM B265       Thickness:1mm-20mm(1000mm W x 2000mm L)

4. Titanium Gr5 plate ASTM B265                       Thickness:1mm-15mm(1000mm W x 2000mm L)                
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